Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback

“Great evening. @cameronleigh1 sang her heart out as @PiafLondon at @CharingCrossThr tonight. Such a powerful and honest voice!”


“@PiafLondon back home after watching Piaf. Fantastic! Incredibly gifted cast and Cameron Leigh superb – thank you.”


“Captivating performance tonight from @cameronleigh1 in @PiafLondon – hugely powerful vocals and acted with utter commitment”



“I just feel I have been privileged to see something very special.Truly magical performance from Cameron Leigh @PiafLondon@CharingCrossThr”



“Saw a jewel of a show called ‘Piaf’ at the Charing Cross Theatre. Exceptional performance by Cameron Leigh as Piaf. Go see it! @PiafLondon”


“Have goosebumps everytime I mention @PiafLondon ! Treat yourself this Christmas! Book your tickets now! ‪ #LovedIt”


“Bowled over by @PiafLondon tonight. Very strong indeed. Well done @gillyweet and team!”


“Impossible to get @cameronleigh1 performance in @PiafLondon out my head @CharingCrossThr. The Three Bell’s nerve shatteringly beautiful”


“It’s not over until the French lady sings. And boy did she sing tonight! Brave @PiafLondon @CharingCrossThr @Cameronleigh1 @SamSpurgin”


“Saw @PiafLondon last night. Splendid performance from @cameronleigh1. Real ‘hairs on the back of my neck’ singing.”


“@PiafLondon I implore you to do a cast recording of The Three Bell’s nothing I say will be as powerful, emotional, and touching as that song”


“I strongly urge everyone to go see this amazing production, a musical play based on the life and times of Edith Piaf.
The performance from cameron Leigh as Piaf is utterly
A-MAZ-ING… watching her perform last evening was like having dessert twice!… If ever an actress were heading for ‘A-lister’ stardom then it’s Miss Leigh..Her mastery of Edit Piaf was total.. Nothing short of a tour-de-force. A really big thank you must go to all the skillful actors and accomplished musicians, who all played their part in transporting us lucky audience back to the streets of France, if you’ve previously watched the French movie of Edith Piaf’s life, it’ll soon became clear just how truthfully this fringe production captured the major life events of this great singer… But for me, Cameron Leigh’s rendition of ‘Piaf’ stole the whole show, one’s eyes being totally fixed upon her at all times..
~ The best £15 I have spent all year!..”

Jon Rhys

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